Top 10 Best Android Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

Best Android Apps

Imagine your phone without apps. That is like a building without furniture. Or better yet, a human without a cloth. Apps are what extends the functionality of our mobile smartphone. There are a lot of android apps that you can easily download on Google PlayStore. In fact, there are about 3.3 million apps as of March, 2018.

In this article, I have made known over 10 best android apps that you must have in other to make the most out of your mobile phone. These apps are what makes using a phone fun and productive. Your smartphone is useless without an app and cause of that, I have handpicked the best of the best apps out there. They are being picked based on ratings, reviews and popularity. You will love it, I promise you.



This is the first on the list and it is best for those who takes a lot of notes or write articles. This app comes with a lot of features that makes it almost flawless compared to the Office Word. It is very compatible with Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Spreadsheets etc.

One unique feature about this app is that you can automatically save all your contents on any cloud drive like google drive, Dropbox etc. That way, you don’t have to worry if you lose your phone or perhaps, delete the documents by mistakes.


For someone who have a lot of friends and families, this is one of the app you cannot joke with. WhatsApp is one of the best android apps that should be on your phone if you must stay connected. For me, it is the first app I open in the morning and also the last I close at night.

This app allows you to send messages to your contacts, share pictures, videos, music, voice notes etc. You can even have either an audio or video call without any hurdle at all.


I still don’t know why most people use browsers like Opera Mini. You know why? Cause the app is terrible when it comes to rendering an online interface. It has prided itself with the ability to get rid of most unique features on sites. It is a good browser to combat ads, but you will have to deal with its own ads.

If you want to have the best experience when browsing, Google Chrome is your best bait. What I love so much about Chrome is its ability to synchronize everything about you in one piece. You can save log in details, access so many account using one single account and so on. Not forgetting, its site rendering is the best so far.


When it comes to sharing or receiving files, especially from your friends or family, xender comes to mind. This is another awesome android app that needs to be on your mobile phone if you must be able to take that awesome video, music or pictures.

As a student, this app always come in handy, especially when I see someone with a movie I feel is dope. What I do is open my xender and have the movie shared in the space of seconds.


There is no video that this video app cannot play. If there is, then it isn’t existing or perhaps, you are still using an old version of VLC. One thing I love about this app is; you can easily switch to any layout by just tilting your device to your preferred angle. You can also adjust the brightness without affecting the normal phone brightness. The most unique feature is being able to also add a subtitle file to my videos.

If you don’t have this app, then you have been limiting your experience. It is one of the best app you must have on your mobile smartphone.


If you are also taking pictures, then you need to have the best photo editing app on your phone. The best so far, with a lot of sophisticated features is picart. In fact, I just finished editing a photo with it. the common feature with I use mostly is its blur. I can blur my background a little bit, making the focus to be on the subject, which is me. It makes the picture looks more professional and cinematic.

This app comes with tons of features. You can app text, clipart, filters, icons, etc. For it to have over 100 Million downloads means it isn’t a childish app. It is very dope and I’m certain you will love it.


This app usually come preinstalled in some android devices. If yours didn’t come with it, please do by downloading it on PlayStore. I can’t count how many times Google Map have saved me, countless times I must say. If you’re the type that travels a lot, Google Map should be your number one android app that you shouldn’t joke with. With this app, you can track the nearest filling station, hostel, restaurants, hospital etc.

The sister to this app is Google Earth, just an advance one, which can give you latest satellite view of a particular location.


This is another top android app you need to have on your phone this 2019 because of its saving ability. Sometimes, we cry when we lose our phone, but necessarily because of the phone, but because of some important files. I lose a whole book as a result of such carelessness.

Dropbox is an online cloud drive that allows you to save important files like pictures, videos, documents etc. you can easily access them from anywhere for as long as you still have your username and password. In case of events like theft, you don’t need to panic cause your important files are safe.


This is one of the apps I can’t do without and it is among the top android apps you must have in your smartphone. This allows you to check your files swiftly like an eagle and whenever there is a new mail, you get the notification immediately, without having to be in the dark until your next log in.

If you want to stay updated to your mails, make sure you download this app from PlayStore immediately. For those doing businesses, this app will be a life saver because it keeps the money spilling in, keeping you in touch with your clients


If you’re a Nigerian and you shop a lot online, then the Jumia app should be on your mobile device. These apps allow you to easily browse through any category of your choice, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Also, this app is makes it possible to receive notifications whenever there is a new deal, promo or discounts. This app is the best when it comes to shopping in Nigeria and it you don’t already have this app, please do.


That is all for top 10 android apps that you must have on your smartphone. Those apps make sure your phone functionality is enhanced, productivity improved and also, keeping you in touch with your loved ones, friends and business. Is there another app you wish can be included on this list? Use the comment box below.

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