Should You Really Root Your Android Phone Or Not?

Root Your Android Phone

Rooting an android device has become a common practice among smartphone users due to the enhance capabilities that comes with such an act. When an android phone is rooted, it gives you direct access to the phone operating system powering your device which are hidden from the outside world.

Once a device is rooted, you gain unlimited access to tons of awesome functionalities, settings and features which you might not have explored have you not root the device.

However, should you really root your android device? Is it worth it? if you’re not a developer, then it is not worth it compared to the cons you will be exposing your device to. I once rooted my phone in other to be able to hack games and receive unlimited coins which I can use to do in-game purchases. At first, it was fun.

I felt like I owned the game and I felt so much pity for the developer because I had over $500,000 worth of coins. But that euphoric feeling didn’t last cause not long, I was hit by lots of viruses and malwares that refused to die irrespective of the numerous anti-virus apps I have. I even flashed the android device yet, the problem persisted.

If you are not a developer, rooting your android device is an unwise option cause the cons outweighs the pros. In this article, allow me to buttress why you should or shouldn’t root your android device. If at the end of this article and you feel rooting your device is worth is, then go ahead and have lots of fun.


One of the unique selling point of android phone is its flexibility and the ability of users to tweak the device to their desirable state. Here are some of the mouth-watering benefits of rooting your android device.


Once your android phone is rooted, you can install a custom ROM or kernel which implies that you get a new device software-wise. If you don’t know what the kernel is, kernel is part of the android operating system that helps apps and others control hardware aspects of the device. One of the unique advantage is that you can add features previous not available, improve the battery life and performance of the phone.


There isn’t an android device that doesn’t come with system apps, directly from the manufacturer. Some of these manufacturers apps are a pain in the ass, the more reason people root their device in other to do away with them. However, most of these system app is what makes up the core functions of your device and removing them might mean, reducing its performance. Nevertheless, if there is a specific app which you feel is totally useless, rooting your device will give you the automate power to banish it out from your world.


I know a lot of awesome apps I have tried installing on my android phone only to be told the app isn’t compatible. You know how freaking painful that is right? But rooting your phone gives your unlimited access to any app you can find. In fact, you can even install the latest android updates even before it has been released by the manufacturer. That’s pretty cool right? Do you really know what it means to not have restriction when it comes to installing apps? This means you can literally enhance the functionality and power of your device a hundred fold. For gamers, I was able to use LuckyPatcher to hack my games. You can’t use this app on a non-rooted android device.


This is one of the common reason people root their android, to have a better feel, to configure their phone to their best preference and to also work on the overall performance of the device. The power that comes with rooting your android is thrilling. For example, you can make your android device look and behave like an iPhone even though it isn’t.



This is pretty scary I must say and it is a common threat to a rooted android device. Disoperation can lead your phone to become nothing but an expensive and unusable brick. Once you root your device, you are at more risk of this brick cause the phone is more vulnerable to attacks and hacks. If you are new to rooting, the risk is even greater and I would advise not to think about it unless you are a bad ass developer. In the process of rooting a device, many android phones have been bricked.


Once you have rooted your device, your manufacturer can no longer cover for damages. Automatically, you lose your warranty. Is that worth it? Most folks will advise unrooting the device, but you are merely joking. Phone manufacturers have taken a step further to know about your device more, to find out the truth about your device.


Once you have rooted your android device, you may find the automated firmware updates may not be working. Although a rooted device gives you the access to install latest updates even before it has been released by the manufacturer, but in some cases, it doesn’t. you may find it hard installing most of these updates cause of software modifications made during the rooting process.


With a rooted device, you have the ability to block all kinds of ads and pop ups in your device. I know you’re wondering, how the HELL is that a bad thing? The truth is, developers of the apps you use make money through those ads. If more and more people keep rooting their device and blocking ads, imagine what will happen. Developers will go broke and consequently, it becomes bad news for you cause getting an app becomes a hurdle.


Should you root your device? I’m sure this article was able to help with an answer. Consider the pros and cons and then make a choice. Before you root your phone, please make sure the purpose of rooting your device is really worth it. Consider the cons most especially. If you love this article, share it using the buttons below.


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