The Top Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets You Can Buy

Science fiction is among us and truly, it is not fiction at all when we talk about smart homes today. A smart home is one that provides you all the comfort, security and efficiency. Smart home refers to a home that has appliances, lighting, speakers, security cameras, computers etc. that are able to communicate with one another and can also be controlled remotely from any location with your smartphone or the internet.

There have been speculations flying around that the smart home industry will boom by $107.4 billion by 2013. Not only does this provide an avenue to tech entrepreneurs, it will become more affordable to the average person who wants his residence to look like that of Bill Gate or like these futuristic homes in science-fic.

In this article, I’m going to make known top must-have smart home gadgets or appliances that you need to acquire this year. They will make everyday fun, comforting and safe.



Smart speakers can connect to any device without you having to touch anything. Because they are connected via the Wi-Fi, you can switch the speaker from your smart television to your mobile phone. You can reduce the volume or better yet, shut it down totally from your smartphone irrespective of your location.

Imagine having absolute control of your residence from just an app on your smart phone. This was envisioned as sci-fic but today, it is not fiction. It is very real. BUY THIS ON JUMIA.


This is another must have smart home gadgets that will make your home stand out, thereby giving you total control of the lighting in your home. Have you ever been at work and remember that you forget to turn the light off? With a smart home, you need not worry anymore. Just slide your hand through your screen and boom, problem solved.

They can also come with motion or heat detectors, thereby turning on by itself whenever you walk into the house. It all depends on how you set them to react. Add this to your budget when looking for a smart home gadget to buy. BUY THIS ON JUMIA


With a smart home, your home is more secured than ever. If you are mostly interested in being alerted to a break in, or perhaps a disaster like fire or burst pipe line, your home is on standby to always alert you for proper measures to be taken as soon as possible. If there are no reason to build a smart home, at least do it for the security purpose. When we talk about security, having security cameras installed is one of the major option. With this, you can monitor your home from the office using your smart phone. You can know when the kids have gone to bed, or visuals of anyone trying to break in which can be used to apprehend the culprit. BUY THIS ON JUMIA


Trust me, it isn’t easy to maintain the home and keep it clean. Think about mowing the lawn, watering the flowers or plants or cleaning the dirty floor. But with a smart home, you no longer have to worry about any of that. The lawn can be mowed, the flowers can be watered on schedule and the home can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. For lazy folks like me, this is a major reason to have a smart home gadget that takes care of us. BUY THIS ON JUMIA


With a smart home, productivity will definitely skyrocket with immense pace. You already have your alarm to wake you by 5am. You can lie on bed and turn on the oven heat using your phone for warm up, you can check what’s on the fridge without having to go near it. everything is automated, giving you full control of every appliance in your home irrespective of your distance.


That is all for the top must-have smart home gadgets that you need to have in your home for more security, entertainment and productivity. to buy them, use the links and you will be directed to the specific page on Jumia. Using the links offers more discounts to every purchase you make. Thanks and see you next time!


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