The World First 1 Terabyte Memory Card (SDXC) Is Here

First 1 Terabyte Memory Card (SDXC)

Have you ever wished that your memory card holds more space? Like a whole 1 terabyte? Although I haven’t even used a 500MB SD card, but 1 terabyte? That is one hell of a space and this is definitely most ideal for people who loves 8K movies a lot.

Terabyte cards have been on our minds for years, following SanDisk promise to make that happen. However, Longsys, the owner of Lexar brand beat them to it and today, you can buy a terabyte memory card and have all the space to yourself. Imagine what you can do with a terabyte memory card, you can even back up your whole computer into that little micro card. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Although one of the downside is its slow read rate, 95MBs read rate, just like every other normal SD card. This means, it can take over 3 hours to read the entire card.

Apart from this breakthrough, this card is not particularly technical for some people. That is due to its ease to get corrupt, damaged or get stolen. Imagine losing such amount of data, most people will definitely get suicidal over it.

I asked a photography friend of mine if he can rock a 1 terabyte on his camera, the look on his face said it all and I had no option but to go mute.

However, with 8K video capture becoming more common today, especially in terms of cropping and editing rather than for any increased infidelity, and higher frames, asked for in many media formats. This might actually be the niche this unique card will resides in.

As for rocking such this 1 terabyte SDXC in your mobile smart phone, it is most likely impossible cause it might literally crashed your phone or perhaps, frustrate you with its load speed.

This card is going to be on sale soon and the asking price is $500. Though it is expensive, many people will rock it just for the showoff!

What do you think about this 1 terabyte memory card? Can you rock it?

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